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About Us

The Model T Ford Club of Australia Inc. aims to encourage its members in the restoration and preservation of the Model T Ford and other veteran, vintage, and classic motor vehicles.

The club holds meetings, runs, and social events. We communicate with members a
nd the community through this site, email, and a monthly newsletter, the Buzzer Box.

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Our Story

One hundred years after Henry Ford was born, a group of young South Australian men, led by 19 year old Allen White, decided to try and form a club devoted to Henry Ford’s now famous Model “T”.

In the beginning

In the beginning

On the 30th June 1963, four students of the Norwood Boys Technical High School - Chris Marsh, John Scorgie, Jeff Potter and Nigel Merrett - decided to commemorate the centenary of Ford’s birth by driving the Model T’s they had restored, through the streets of Adelaide during their lunch period. The parade was very successful and delighted passers-by.

Allen White, encouraged by this enthusiasm, placed advertisements in the local and daily papers, and wrote many letters setting out his intention to form a car club for Model T’s. Many people responded to these advertisements and invitations for expressions of interest in forming a club.

At the end of 1963 and beginning of 1964, the formation of a club for the preservation and restoration of Model “T” Ford vehicles was set in motion

A meeting was held at the Avenues Hotel, Stepney on Thursday 6th February 1964 where approximately 25 people decided the newly formed club should be named "THE MODEL T FORD CLUB OF AUSTRALIA".

60 years on, we thank those people as we all still enjoy preserving and driving our Model T’s, participating in Annual runs, monthly runs and National rallies.

The first 25 years 1989

The first 25 years - 1989


50 years on - still going stong

50 years on - still going strong - 2014


Committee Members

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